Atlanta, Georgia

FIRST Robotics Championship


This is the “Final Four” of high-school robotics.  Teams from all over the world bring their home-built robots to compete in April.  The intensity is high, and the gracious professionalism is evident at every turn. The challenge is new every year.


There are also regional competitions all over the world through February and March.


April 2009

Atlanta Cyclorama

800 Cherokee Ave. S.E.

Atlanta, GA 30315
 404-624-1071 or 404-658-7625


This is a circular painting, more than 10 feet tall and 358 feet in diameter that tells the story of Union General Sherman’s conquest of Atlanta in the Civil War.  Visitors sit on a platform that rotates inside the painting while narration tells the story.  In addition to the painting, the hall includes artifacts from the Civil War era.


Located next to Zoo Atlanta in Grant Park, this is an excellent historical stop.


April 2009

Zoo Atlanta

800 Cherokee Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30315


Located in Grant Park, Atlanta’s Zoo features animals from around the world, set in a very walkable location.  The Pandas are, of course, very popular, but we had no trouble getting close.  It is impressive how close you can get to them (separated by glass, of course).


April 2009

Georgia Aquarium

225 Baker St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 581-4000


Some claim this is the largest aquarium in the United States.  Certainly the main tank is in the top few, featuring its highlight walking tunnel beneath the water, where you will see a variety of creatures.  Our favorite was the Whale Shark, the largest fish in the sea (whales are not fish, but mammals!).  They do have a display showing how they got the whale sharks to landlocked Atlanta.  We also appreciated the rivers exhibit.


April 2009



Dawsonville, Georgia

Kangaroo Conservation Center

222 Bailey-Waters Rd.

Dawsonville, GA 30534



Atlanta is in the South, but not that far south! Yet, the Kangaroo Conservation Center houses hundreds of kangaroos of many different species.  Watch for the little Joeys peeking out of their mothers’ pouches. They include kangaroo and bird shows. Most of the animals are behind fences, but you can touch a couple of them at the shows.  The Kangaroo Conservation Center is about 1 hour drive north of Atlanta.  Food selection is limited and the Kangaroo Conservation Center is in a rather rural area.  Plan to visit between meals.


April 2009


Stone Mountain, Georgia

Stone Mountain Park
1000 Robert E. Lee Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

770.498.5690 or 800.401.2407


Stone Mountain features an enormous relief sculpture, carved into the mountain.  The sculpture celebrates the leaders of the Confederacy.  Built around the base is a large amusement area, including a skyride, antebellum plantation, small train ride and 3-D movie.  Each attraction is a separate fee, so if all you want to do is walk or bike, you can do so for the per-vehicle fee to enter the park.


April 2009