Northern California Visits

Sacramento, CA

UC Davis Med Center

Alzheimer’s Disease Center

4860 Y St. Suite 3900

Sacramento, CA 95817



May 2002


UCD has ongoing research into the causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  The mainstream research is funded by medical grants, but volunteer patients who are being studied still need to be transported to the facility and this burden usually lands on their caregivers.

Santa Rosa, CA

The Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

2301 Hardies Lane

Santa Rosa, CA 95403



This museum is dedicated to the life and art of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts characters.  Part museum and part memorial, it features hundreds or thousands of comic strips, Peanuts artwork and drawing instruction.  The garden includes a “kite-eating tree” and a “birdbath” with holographic Peanuts characters playing hockey.

August 2003

Redding, CA

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

844 Auditorium Dr

Redding, CA 96001



Turtle Bay Exploration Park hosts the signature ‘Sundial Bridge’, a must-see along I-5.  The tower forms the pointer of a sundial.  We were there for the summer solstice celebration.  The park includes an arboretum, science museum, bird and butterfly walk-throughs and miles of delightful trails. 


June 2007



Hat Creek, CA

Hat Creek Radio Observatory

42233 Bidwell Rd.

Hat Creek, CA 96040



The observatory is operated by University of California.  The major project is the construction of the Allen Telescope Array by the SETI Institute for their search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.  When finished, the array will have 350 dishes.  At last visit, there were 42 operating.  Drop in and get a free guided tour.  The telescope operates even in daylight, but cell phones interfere with the signal, so it’s courteous to turn yours off as you turn off Highway 89.


June 2007

October 2007


Lassen National Park

Lassen National Park

On Highway 89
Lassen Park Road, CA 96071


This volcano is still technically active, but there hasn’t been much activity in a few decades.  It is a great place to see alpine glaciers in June in California.  Hard to get there but great high-altitude hiking with no crowds.  Be prepared for snow and ice in any month.


June 2007