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About the Trimberger Family Foundation

The Trimberger Family Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


We live in a technological world.  In order for people to prosper in this world, they must understand the science and technology that make it up.  We promote that understanding in children and adults worldwide through our support of schools and educational institutions.  Our technological appliances tend to orient people toward sedentary pastimes.  We support amateur athletics to encourage people, especially children, toward a more healthful lifestyle.

Goals of the Foundation

  • Promote the education of students attending primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions
  • Promote understanding of science and technology
  • Assist other non-profit organizations in the use of technology
  • Promote the whole person by our support of amateur athletics
  • In addition, the foundation directors are empowered to support other philanthropic purposes to meet the needs they see in the community.
The Trimberger Family Foundation engages in no lobbying or propaganda.  We do not participate in political campaigns.


  • Support education, particularly science education
  • Support understanding of science and technology through hands-on experiences
  • Support excellence: the best lead the way
  • Promote self-sufficiency, so others can continue the good work

Programs and Operations

We prefer direct involvement rather than indirect motivational approaches.  The Trimberger Family Foundation supports its goals by carrying out direct support programs, rather than merely providing financial support for others' programs.  These programs may vary year to year.Our programs focus in these areas:
  • Appreciation and understanding of science and technology
  • Amateur athletics
  • Those who wish to take advantage of our programs are directed to the Programs page for a summary of what we can do. 
    The Trimberger Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for donations.
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