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The Trimberger Family Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation that supports the community in two areas:

Appreciation and understanding of science and technology

Amateur athletics

History and Education

Theater arts and Education

Programs supporting appreciation and understanding of science and technology

One aspect of science that is missing from many science curricula is an overview of how science works.

Dr. Steve Trimberger has prepared a 45-minute presentation for high-school, junior high-school and middle school students.  The presentation discusses the fundamental basis of the scientific method: "Observation, Replication and Prediction".  Dr. Trimberger has presented this material with success at the junior high level.  The presentation can be viewed here as a teachers' guide.  Feel free to use it. Contact us with questions and with your feedback.

Dr. Trimberger has been an judge at the Intel International Science and Technology Fair and the Santa Clara University Engineering Department Senior Engineering competition.  He is a mentor for FIRST Robotics team 1967.  He also participates in the BYU Engineering ABET accreditation.

Foundation directors frequently visit science museums for new ideas and new ways to present the reality of science.

Programs supporting amateur athletics

Steve Trimberger served for several years on the board of directors of the Almaden Valley Youth Soccer League.  The focus of this work is both to serve the community and to better understand the issues in running an amateur sports league. 

Steve Trimberger assisted the fundraising efforts of the Almaden Youth Association, which is working to build sports fields in the Southern San Jose area.  He wrote a grant application for the AYA.  You are welcome to review the grant application and use it as a model for your grant requests.  However, be aware that this application for funding was unsuccessful.

The Trimberger Family Foundation designed 6'x4' goals for small-sided soccer.  The Foundation has built some of these and donated them to AVYSL.  You are welcome to view the plans and assembly instructions page.  Feel free to use the instructions. Please contact us if you use them and give us your feedback.

Foundation directors have visited several amateur athletic sites in and around the San Jose area, and continue to do so.

Programs in all areas

We perform site visits in various areas to identify those facilities for other foundations and for volunteers seeking opportunities in specific areas.  See our site visits descriptions.

Last updated April 2010.



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