The Trimberger Family Foundation Site Visits



Soon after the founding of the Trimberger Family Foundation, we discovered there was no central place to go to find worthwhile non-profit organizations or programs we wished to fund.  This website is intended to address this deficiency.


The Trimberger Family Foundation carries out periodic visits to different regions to identify programs and organizations in line with our mission.  These organizations are often science and technology museums.  This website is an intent to capture a very short summary of the organization and our experience there.  It is not intended as a substitute for readers doing their own investigation.  Rather, it is a pointer to the organization, contact information and website, if available.  In most cases, we have included a short one-line description of the organization and its goals.  With each entry, we’ve included the date of our visit, so that readers may judge the currency of the information.


We have chosen to organize this information geographically to facilitate donors interested in a particular geographical area such as local donors.


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Northern Plains








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